Radio Bingo

Radio Bingo

Here are the winning numbers for Thursday 26th November 2015. It’s week 48 and today you’re playing on the pink page for a prize of €300



Next Week’s Jackpot is €9,500

If you fill a panel please phone the number printed on the back of your book on the day of your win to claim your prize.

How Radio Bingo Works

Tune into KCLR96fm on 96.9fm for Carlow and 96.6fm for Kilkenny each day, Monday to Friday, at either 8.30am, 10.30am, 1.30pm or 6.30pm for a guaranteed €300 each day.

Excluding Jackpot Day, if the additional numbers called allow you to complete any panel of the Bingo page relevant for that day, telephone the number printed on the back of your bingo book on the day the numbers are called.

On Jackpot Day, which is Tuesday, the Jackpot number for that day will be called out prior to the daily numbers and will be put back into the drum. If the Jackpot number is called out from the daily numbers and is in the group of numbers (ie 10th number, 9th or 10th number etc) and you fill a panel containing the Jackpot Number, you are the winner of the Jackpot.

If the Jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the following week.

In the event of there being more than one claim any day, the prize in question will be divided amongst those qualifying. If there are no claims the daily prize will increase by €50 per day until it is won.

No prize money will be paid without production of the winning booklet.

KCLR96FM reserve the right to use the names of Radio Bingo winners for publicity purposes.

Where To Get Your Bingo Book

Looking to pick up your bingo book in Kilkenny or Carlow? See our full list of retailers here.