Folk/Roots: Show (5/9/2017)
Folk / Roots

Folk/Roots: Show (5/9/2017)


Tonight’s edition of Folk/Roots on KCLR, presented by Martin Bridgeman, featuring music from: Ciara Sidine, Tiz McNamara, Paul Hickey, Woodley Taylor, Steely Dan, The Americans, Matt Patershuk, David Rawlings, Kacy & Clayton, Shelby Lynne & Alison Moorer, Teddy Thompson, Sean Millar, Aine Tyrrell, The War On Drugs, Steely Dan, Mary Black, Roddy Frame, It’s A Beautiful Day, Jeff Finlin, Ry Cooder

Tonight’s show will  be available on the RadioPlayer App until 12/9/2017

…and here’s the playlist:

Unbroken Line Ciara Sidine
Slippery Slope Tiz McNamara
Heuston Station Paul Hickey
Runaway Woodley Taylor
With A Gun Steely Dan
I’ll Be Yours The Americans
Good Luck Matt Patershuk
Airplane David Rawlings
A Lifeboat Kacy & Clayton
Lithium Shelby Lynne & Alison Moorer
I Should Get Up Teddy Thompson
The Waiting Room Sean Millar
Don’t Be Left Crying Aine Tyrrell
Is It Too Much Shelby Lynne & Alison Moorer
Thinking Of A Place The War On Drugs
Pearl Of The Quarter Steely Dan
Farewell, Farewell Mary Black
White Pony Roddy Frame
Girl With No Eyes It’s A Beautiful Day
The Guru In The Girl Jeff Finlin
Paris, Texas Ry Cooder
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