Gold Medal Kids

From 18 May to 1 June, KCLR Lunch is teaming up with Studio One Barbers to bring you Gold Medal Kids.

We’re encouraging children at home all across Kilkenny and Carlow to help out at home, get the chores done and give their parents a hand in the house and garden.

We’ve got gold medals and certificates for Kilkenny and Carlow’s Gold Medal Kids who complete their weekly chores as nominated by a parent or guardian.

Children must complete at least one chore per day – but you can do more – adding up to seven chores or more across the week. This could be cleaning your room, hoovering, walking the dog, cutting the grass, cleaning the garden, sweeping the floors, whatever helps out at home.

Charts should be photographed at the end of the week and sent to KCLR Lunch on Monday 25 May or Monday 1 June by WhatsApp to 083 3069696. You can also send your photos directly via Facebook to the KCLR page here.

Multiple children can use the one chart across the week.

Download and print the chart below or if you can’t download and print it, feel free to make up your own chart for at home, but be sure to send in your chart with contact details at the end of each week.