Your Local Star


Your Local Star, in association with KCLR, hosts its Grand Final at the Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny on Monday 7 August from 6pm.

There’s a whole hosts of acts performing on the night and those through to the final are

  • Jack Gladney
  • Clara May
  • Ciara McNally
  • Stecie
  • Helena Dunne
  • Doris & Tom
  • GandM
  • MTAN Senior Trio
  • Baby J
  • Caoimhe McGuinness
  • Annette Ashe
  • Kelly Moore
  • Aaron O’Dea
  • Patience Guilfoyle
  • Togger
  • Ami Hegarty
  • The Calm
  • Carrie Haskins
  • Sean McAuliffe
  • Karl (Impersonator)
  • John Treacy

The winner on the night receives a €1,000 cash prize with their performance being recorded in one of Ireland’s leading recording studios.

Tickets for the night are available by contacting KCLR’s Kilkenny studios during office hours or directly from the Lyrath Estate Hotel, Carlow Road, Kilkenny.

Your Local Star, in association with KCLR.