KCLR Lifestyle Survey 2023

Lifestyle Survey Week 3

In this stage of research, which we’d love if you would take part in, we’re asking you to listen to a selection of Public Service Information Messages that we have been broadcasting. This is week number one and over the next four weeks, we’ll ask you some questions about what you’ve heard. Your input will play a big part in helping us plan what we broadcast, and we really appreciate your participation.


The Environmental Minute is a new segment being broadcast daily on KCLR, supported by KIDCo, bringing you tips and advice on the environment and sustainability, twice daily across the week.

Listen: The Environmental Minute Week 3

The next steps...

Other than listening to the above clips, you don’t have to do anything else for now!  We’ll send you another selection of Environmental Minutes next week.

All the best for now,
Team KCLR!