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    50 Shades of Carlow Kilkenny

    Fifty Shades of Carlow and Kilkenny is an innovative series that features ‘’blow ins’ to Carlow and Kilkenny.

  • A Life More Ordinary

    ‘A Life More Ordinary’ is a documentary by Martin Malone a student from IT Carlow which focuses on the life of army personnel once they retire from the force and the reasons for early retirement. In this documentary he interviews people currently in th …

  • A Portrait of …….

    ‘A Portrait of……’ is a series of 10 programmes featuring artists and crafts people from Kilkenny and Carlow, joining them at their work and getting to know who they are. No items found

  • Aon Richie Eile

    A radio documentary about Carlow singer songwriter and comedy entertainer Richie Kavanagh. Featuring interviews with Shay Healy, Michael Moriarty former manager of CKR, KCLR presenter Johnny Barry and South East Radio’s Tony Keogh, his fans and of cour …

  • As We Like It

    No items found ‘As We Like It’ is a radio series that explores the seven stages of life

  • Be Not Afraid

    Be Not Afraid

    “BE NOT Afraid” is a new six-part series which shows another side to the popular TV3 chef Edward Hayden. Edward, who presents The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden on KCLR 96fm, sits down with six local people to hear their true-life series. The program …

  • Beside the Nore

    ‘Beside the Nore’ is a four part documentary series that explores the unique aspects, flora & fauna, recreational activities and future plans for the River Nore that flows through Kilkenny City No items found

  • Bridge Street Will Be. Photo: Studioweave

    Bridge Street Will Be

    A trip through the creative processes involved behind the scenes in the production of an innovative street theatre event called Bridge Street Will Be that took place in Callan Co Kilkenny in July 2015.

  • Cake

    Radio drama Cake is set during the turbulent period of Irish history incorporating WWI, the Easter Rising and the Anglo Irish War. The play is a fictionalisation of the playwright’s great-grandparents’ story and concerns a family torn by opposing alleg …

  • Carlow Hops to Luxembourg

    A documentary that traces the journey of a pilgrimage group, mainly from Carlow, who travel to Luxembourg to take part in the annual Hopping Procession in honour of Saint Willibrord, Patron Saint of Luxembourg. They return with a relic of St Willibrord …

  • Carlow Little Theatre – ‘The Rest of the Story’ Radio Play

    “The Rest of the Story” is a wonderful radio play brought to life by the Carlow Little Theatre Society. It features John Brady as Ernie and Paul Dunne as Chris. It was written by Thomas J. Misuraca and directed by Richard Doyle. This play won 1st place …

  • Civil War and the Oral Tradition – Part 1

    Civil War and the Oral Tradition – Part 1. Songs contain the emotions and perceptions of people at a particular time, whereas the history books tell of the facts. In the absence of many songs about the Irish Civil War, presenter Dave Barron looks to Am …

  • Civil War and the Oral Tradition – Part 2

    Rambling houses are great for preserving stories and songs from times past. In Part 2 of ‘Civil War and the Oral Tradition’, presenter Dave Barron explores their importance with Eddie McDonald, who hosts rambling sessions at his home in Clonmore. It’s …

  • Comma Chameleon

    Comma Chameleon is a radio series that will brings you into the world of learning, giving an insight into the constraints of poor literacy and the subsequent empowerment and confidence that comes through the acquisition of knowledge.

  • Cows


    Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, ‘Cow’ tells the story of Agi, a beautiful Hungarian woman with a secret who arrives on Damien and Marie Cleary’s farm in Glenmore to work as a mushroom picker. The Clearys’ already straine …

  • Daffodil

    Approaching middle age, café owner Liam Egan realises he has won every talent competition, pub quiz and novelty race on Trafadden Island, a holiday destination off the Waterford coast. Liam wonders if it’s time to set his sights higher. Moreover, he is …

  • Diversity Matters

    ‘Diversity Matters’, is a five part series that features people who have come from different countries in the world talking about their experiences. The program also focuses on the supports that are available for migrants who come to live in Kilkenny a …

  • Down & Dirty on the Farm

    ‘Down & Dirty on the Farm’, is a twenty-four part series that joins farmers as they plough the land, harvest crops, tend to animals, and endeavors to be involved in as many aspects of farming as possible. It also explains the science behind farming, wi …

  • Follow Me Up The Barrow

    Follow Me Up the Barrow tells the stories and experiences of the river by people that know it best… the fishermen, the old boatmen, the lock-keepers, rowers, canoeists and river ‘guardians’. Through the accounts of their experiences a unique, informative and historical picture of the Barrow is compiled through this radio series.

  • For Barbara

    For Barbara is a personal story of love and loss in a time when there was no legal recognition of gay relationships in Ireland.

  • Full Circle – Volume 1

    The Clontarf Cowboy, Philip Donnelly, guitarist to a whole host of American country music stars, chats with some of Ireland’s finest  singer songwriters while accompanying  them on guitar as they play their songs No items found

  • Full Circle – Volume 2

    The Clontarf Cowboy, Philip Donnelly, guitarist to a whole host of American country music stars, chats with some of Ireland’s finest  singer songwriters while accompanying  them on guitar as they play their songs No items found

  • Grey Matter

    Grey Matters

    Grey Matters a programme series that looks at the challenges and achievements of older people living in our community and the work being done by the Older People’s Forum in Carlow and Kilkenny to create a more inclusive environment for all

  • In 1916

    A radio documentary that records some of the events that took place in Carlow to commemorate the Easter Rising of 1916 and tells the story of some of the main Carlow people who took part in that day

  • It’s Not Raining Blood

    After two years job hunting, Julie has finally obtained a paid internship in the famous labs of Muc – an- cnoc. The town is famous for its mostly science-based university and its breakthroughs in neuro-cellular research. The university also contains an …

  • Kevin Gets The Wrong End Of The Stick

    Join Kevin as he takes his first puck of the ball, trains with the under 16s, grapples with injury and finally plays in his first hurling match.

  • L & F.I – Lost & Found Investigates

    A turtle walks into a garda station in Carlow where does he come from?, who owns him? – Lost & Found Investigates. A suitcase falls off a bus, who is the owner? L & F.I, standing for Lost & Found Investigates, is a series of 10 programmes that feature the personal stories behind the items that made it to KCLR’s well-loved Locator List.

  • Let’s Go to the Big House

    Let’s Go to the Big House, the story of some of the old gentry houses in Carlow and the families that lived in them. KCLR96FM · Let's Go to – Ducketts Grove KCLR96FM · Let's Go to – Milford House KCLR96FM · Let's Go to – Mount Wolseley K …

  • Mad About Danoli

    ‘Danoli’,otherwise known as ‘The People’s Champion’ was a race horse who, in the 1990s won the hearts and minds of the Irish people with his bravery and speed on the track winning at every major race course including Cheltenham and Aintree. The story of how he was bought, the highs and lows of his career, his retirement and death will be told for the first time in this documentary by, amongst others, his owner Dan O’Neill and trainer Tom Foley.

  • Make Way For The King

    ‘Make Way For The King’ is a six part radio series that informs, motivates and calls for action, in protecting and conserving the salmon population in the River Nore. It explores the broader picture of the salmon’s life at sea and the threats that they …

  • Documentaries on KCLR

    Moments with Monuments

    Moments with Monuments – a programme series that looks at some of the stories behind the plaques and memorials found in Kilkenny city and county. Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Kilkenny County Council Heritage Office …

  • My Home Place

    ‘My Home Place’ – a series of 10 programmes featuring memories of times gone by and includes accounts of cultural events and nostalgic anecdotes that captures the importance of our local heritage. The accompanying drawings to each of the recordings hav …

  • My Local Area

    My Local Area is a series of 2 minute recordings sent in to us from the listeners of KCLR Live, on the history, heritage and biodiversity in their area. Its brought to you in association with Kilkenny County Council and Creative Ireland KCLR96FM · My L …

  • Oh Sugar, Sugar

    No items found Oh Sugar, Sugar is a 7 part documentary series that looks at the history, evolution and ultimate closure of the Carlow Sugar Factory

  • Woman with umbrella. File photo.

    Ordinary Amazingness

    A programme series featuring ordinary people doing amazing things.

  • Peak Experiences

    ‘Peak Experiences’ is a series of 25 programmes that tell stories related to the Blackstairs Mountains No items found

  • Rarefied Reptila

    An insight into the comings and goings at Ireland’s National Reptile Zoo, Gowran Co Kilkenny  

  • Limestone Quarry

    Rocks and Some Rolls

    Rocks and Some Rolls is a radio series that showcases the history of the marble industry in Kilkenny, investigates the quarrying of limestone, the buildings that made from it, the artists that use it and the Dunmore Cave that results from it.

  • September 3, 1967: The Black & Amber Tide Turns

    2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 All Ireland Hurling final. That final, which saw Kilkenny come through in a hard fought battle against arch rivals Tipperary, stands out in the minds of players, experts and lovers of the game as a unique, seminal final in the history of hurling in Kilkenny. Kilkenny had not beaten Tipperary in an All-Ireland Hurling Final for 45 years.

  • Shattered Bonds

    ‘Shattered Bonds’ is a three part series made by Gillian Grattan for Evil Little Genius Productions. ‘Shattered Bonds’ features interviews with three women who talk about their experiences of finding themselves pregnant and with no support and no other …

  • Kilkenny's Farmers Market on The Parade

    Smells Like Carlow Kilkenny

    Smells Like Carlow Kilkenny features people talking about smells and their memories associated with the particular smell No items found

  • Talamh an Éisc – Newfoundland Irish Connections

    Sue Nunn visits Newfoundland as guest of Carlow County Council and explores the deep historical connections between the South East of Ireland and Newfoundland.  While there she meets the Irish Ambassador to Canada, talks to historian John Mannion on th …

  • The Burning Of Woodstock – A Radio Drama

    “The Burning Of Woodstock” was first broadcast on KCLR on October 17th, 2022 and was supported by the Decade Of The Centenaries Grant 2022. The play was written and directed by Gillian Grattan and was performed by Aoibhín Murphy, Delia Lowry, Declan Taylor and Brendan Corcoran.

  • The Bus

    The Bus is a three part radio series that looks at the free bus service that transports patients from Kilkenny to Waterford for radiotherapy treatment. Made by Gillian Grattan for KCLR and funded through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound & …

  • The Cat in the Box

    The Cat in the Box’ is a drama series written by Sue Healy and directed by Jim Nolan. It’s a black comedy set in a fictional Kilkenny pub and it explores the dangers of the internet, inter-generational clashes, nostalgia and the unreliability of memory …

  • The Diary

    No items found ‘The Diary’ is a series of programmes that see KCLR visit community events, clubs and classes around Carlow and Kilkenny, recording the people that attend and finding out it’s importance in their lives and the goings-on and atmosphere wi …

  • A man in a library. File photo.

    The Educators

    The Educators – a programme series that looks at the different ways of teaching outside of mainstream schooling. KCLR96FM · The Educators – Homeschooling KCLR96FM · The Educators – Saplings School KCLR96FM · The Educators – Scouts KCLR96FM · The Educat …

  • The Historyman

    The History Man has lots of stories and up till now has had nobody to listen to him. You are now his audience; hear him as he regales with stories from Kilkenny’s historical past. Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the …

  • The Historyman Carlow

    A series of 51 stories written by Donal Cadogan about historical events and people from Carlow. Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee No items found

  • The KCAT Series

    This series of 10 programmes will bring the uniquely inclusive teaching at KCAT, (Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent) to the listeners of KCLR and raise public awareness about the importance of everyone, regardless of ability, working together, for the benefit of society and the Irish arts and drama scene.

  • The Letters in the Post

    ‘The Letters in the Post’ a radio drama by Angela Keogh. It tells the story of Brian, played by John McKenna who is grieving for his wife who recently died and is faced with a mountain of post that he must open and read. His niece, played by Angela Keo …

  • The Mental

    The Mental is a radio drama set in Carlow in 1990 and tells the story of John Salter who is thinking back over the 40 years he has spent in psychiatric care for doing a good deed. It is written and performed by John MacKenna KCLR96FM · The Mental – A R …

  • The Nore Vision Radio Series

    The Nore Vision Radio series, recorded to leave an oral history legacy of the journey of the Nore Vision project. A nine part radio series on the project to date, it’s achievements and aims for the future No items found

  • The Skinny on the Schism

    No items found The Skinny on the Schism is a four part docu-drama that tells the story of Fr Robert O’Keeffe and the Callan Schism

  • The Story of a Rohingya Journey

    Angela Mahon travels to visit the Rohingya people who have fled Burma to live in refugee camps in Bangladesh. In this documentary we hear stories of persecution by the Burmese military and witness the poor living conditions of the refugees. She travele …

  • The Winter Dress

    The Winter Dress is a radio drama set in the 1300s at the time of the Black Death and tells the story of Rose a dressmaker who is travelling to Kilkenny from Castledermot (called Tristledermot at the time) and along the way meets a friar. The play tell …

  • Castlecomer Mines: Miners Underground

    Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down

    Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down is a five-part documentary series by Martin Bridgeman on the Castlecomer mines in Kilkenny, Ireland.

  • Tinderella

    Tinderella, a play written by Gillian Grattan, tells the story of a woman who is recovering from being dumped by her partner. In an effort to get over her heartbreak and start afresh, she takes to online dating. Tinderella, a comedy radio drama, gives …

  • Trees: From Seed to Sawdust

    Trees: From Seed to Sawdust

    There are so many benefits to trees.It’s lovely to take a walk among them, they provide a home for wildlife, they have a role to play in our economy and they are an important part of Ireland’s response to climate change.Trees:  From Seed to Sawdust is …

  • U-turns through U-Casadh

    ‘U-turns through U-Casadh’ is a documentary that features the people who attend U-Casadh, a social inclusion project that provides purpose through training and employment to those who have served time in prison or those who are at risk of ending up in …

  • Vintage

    A 10 part programme series about all things Vintage! Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee No items found

  • Vultures


    Vultures focuses on the private detectives of Vulture Private Investigations, a small time detective agency in south east Ireland. Janine Drew, Dan McGrain, Jim Vultour and Niall Tennyson are the detectives in question and the story follows them as they get caught up in a suspenseful murder mystery at the Detective Union Of Ireland AGM.

  • Vintage Microphone

    We Had Names

    We Had Names is a documentary that tells the story of the 975 people who were buried in unconsecrated grounds on the site of the old Kilkenny Workhouse at the height of the famine between 1847 and 1851.  They remained forgotten until excavations made d …

  • Documentaries on KCLR

    What Did You Learn Today?

    ‘What Did You Learn Today?’ brings the children from Carlow and Kilkenny to the listeners of KCLR as they tell us in their own little way what exactly they are learning in school.

  • What Has Europe Ever Done for the Environment?

    An eight-part series that explores the role the EU plays in environmental matters Funded by the Communicating Europe Initiative No items found

  • What Has Europe Ever Done for Us?

    A 7 part series that looks at the role that the EU plays in our day to day lives. Funded by the Communicating Europe Initiative No items found

  • Who’s the Seanchai? – The Stories and Musings of Kilkenny man Jim Maher

    A documentary that gives an insight into the life, times and stories of kilmanagh born Seanchai Jim Maher https://soundcloud.com/kclr96fm/whos-the-seanchai

  • Women’s Bits

    Women’s Bits is a 51 part series which features women from Carlow and Kilkenny sharing experiences and memories and a song. No items found

  • Word Play

    Word Play is an innovative series of short stories penned by both writers and non-writers alike. Each story is composed around 3 different items; a character, an event and a sound, randomly selected from a hat.