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Please note that details for all below listed missing and found pets are available by contacting the radio station during office hours directly on 1890 90 9696 or alternatively, email [email protected] or message us via Facebook.

Lost Yorkie/ jack Russel cross missing in skeogh area (skeogh area)

3 and a half month old pup missing in skeogh area answers to scraps

Name: scraps Microchipped: Unsure Added 09/12/18

Found brown boxer dog found in carlow (ashgrove area of carlow town)

no collar on dog

Name: unknown Microchipped: Unsure Added 09/12/18

Found Yorkshire Terrier (Bolton Woods Callan)

A Yorkshire Terrier was found near Bolton Woods Callan, the dog is not micro-chipped.

Name: Microchipped: No Added 07/12/18

Lost Two female cats missing (Kells Road Kilkenny)

Two female cats missing in Kells Road area Kilkenny.

5-6 years old.

First is a makeral tabby with white belly and paws and half white nose,
answers to Bumble.

Second is all black with pale green eyes, a small white patch under her
chin and answers to Wispa.

Any information about the whereabouts of these cats would be appreciated.

Name: Microchipped: No Added 04/12/18

Found Male Maltese (Ferrybank, Kilkenny)

A male Maltese was found in Ferrybank on Wednesday 27th November

Name: Microchipped: No Added 30/11/18

Lost A male German Shepard (Milford/Ballinabranna area of Carlow.)

A male German Shepard has gone missing from the Milford/Ballinabranna area
of Carlow.

His name is chief, he's friendly and has two red collars.

A cash reward is being offered to those who find him.

Name: Chief Microchipped: Yes Added 14/11/18

Found Two Dogs ; A Yorkshire Terrier & Labrador (Smithstown Castlecomer)

Two dogs Yorkshire Terrier with brown collar & big Labrador cross were found on Sunday 11th November

Name: Microchipped: No Added 12/11/18

Lost Black and White Grey-Hound (Ballykeefe Area)

A black and white grey-hound is missing from Ballykeefe area since Tuesday evening 6th November 2018.

Name: Microchipped: No Added 08/11/18

Lost Black and white male Springer Spaniel (Grangeford, Bennekerry, Carlow area)

A black and white male Springer Spaniel.

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 08/11/18

Lost Two Black Dogs (Ballymack/ Burnchurch/ Newtown area of Kilkenny.)

Female black lab and male collie cross wearing a blue collar.

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 08/11/18

Lost Female Golden Labrador (Old Leighlin)

A Friendly, female Golden Labrador is dog missing from her home in Old Leighlin, Co.Carlow since sunday 14th October She was wearing a red electric collar and a
blue collar.

Name: Microchipped: Yes Added 16/10/18

Found Brown & White Shihtzu (Freshford Road)

A brown and white Shih Tzu in the vicinity of St. Luke's General Hospital

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 04/10/18

Lost A rescue dog (Myshall)

Penny she is a sweet rescue dog gone missing from her foster home in Myshall Carlow. Last seen Sunday night playing with children in Myshall could be
anywhere by now. Age 10-11 month

Name: Microchipped: Yes Added 04/10/18

Lost Yorkshire Terrier (Blanchefield Park)

A Yorkshire Terrier has gone missing in Kilkenny in the Blanchefield Park area of Clifden since Friday last ( 28th Sept) .He’s black in colour with tan coloured paws and face.

He has a grey and blue harness and is microchipped.

Name: Microchipped: Yes Added 04/10/18

Found Terrier – Brown & White (Brownshill Carlow)

A Terrier was found in Brownshill area on Tuesday ( 2nd Oct ) in Carlow

Name: Microchipped: No Added 04/10/18

Lost Brown and white Jack Russell (Pollerton Big area in Carlow.)

A brown and white Jack Russell. He is a family pet of 11 years and is a very nervous little dog.Buddy was last seen on the Wexford Road.

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 25/09/18

Found Tiger kitten (O Loughlin Road)

A little tiger kitten was found on O'Loughlin Rd, Kilkenny

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 29/08/18

Lost Female Westie (Palatine Wood, Carlow)

Female Westie named Millie went missing in Palatine Wood, Carlow, on Tuesday 7th August. She's microchipped. She's a house dog and not used to being outside

Name: Millie Microchipped: Yes Added 09/08/18

Lost Female Border Terrier (Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny)

Female Border Terrier is missing from Thomastown and was last seen Jerpoint Hill, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny on 4th August. She's microchipped

Name: Microchipped: Yes Added 09/08/18

Lost Rust Coloured Dog (Mullinavat, co. Kilkenny)

A rust coloured dog who is microchipped and answers to the name of Rusty is missing from Mullinavat.

Name: Rusty Microchipped: Yes Added 09/08/18

Lost Black & Tan Dachshund (Lisdowney/Grange)

Black & Tan Dachshund is missing from Lisdowney/Grange

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 09/08/18

Found Female Golden Labrador (Loughboy, Kilkenny)

A female Golden Labrador was found in Loughboy, Kilkenny. She's wearing a pink collar

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 24/07/18

Found Light Brown Chihuahua (Rathnapish Co. Carlow)

A light brown / ginger Chihuahua was found near Rathnapish on Wednesday 18/07/2018.

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 19/07/18

Found Found Male Dog mix Labrador and Rottweiler (Freshford)

Male dog, mix lab and rottweiler, 5 or 6, black and tan

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 18/07/18

Lost Missing Golden retriever (Kiltorcan/Ballyhale area.)

Missing since Friday 13th July
He is chipped and his name is Marley

Name: Marley Microchipped: Yes Added 16/07/18

Reunited Short haired grey and white tabby with 4 white paws (Rathielty, Tullaroan Road)

Gizzmo, he's a short haired grey and white tabby with 4 white paws missing from Tullaroan. There's a reward for finding him

Name: Gizzmo Microchipped: No Added 13/07/18

Found Small Brown dog Found in Kilkenny City (Kilkenny City)

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 09/07/18

Found 8 Donkeys (The New Line between Castlecomer and Paulstown)

8 donkeys were found on the road at the New Line between Castlecomer & Paulstown. 7 are brown & 1 is white. They have been moved to a safe area.

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 04/07/18

Lost 2 Male Boxer Dogs (Killerig, Carlow)

2 male Boxer dogs are missing from Killerig since early on Tuesday morning, 3rd July. One is red with a white chest and is neutered. He answers to Brody. The other is
fawn & white. He's not neutered and answers to Joey

Name: Brody & Joey Microchipped: Yes Added 03/07/18

Lost White, Brown & Black Male Beagle (Bleach Road, Kilkenny)

White, brown & black male Beagle is missing from the Bleach Road in Kilkenny since Friday 29th June. He's microchipped & neutered

Name: Microchipped: Yes Added 02/07/18

Found Black & White Collie (Templeorum/Piltown area of Co. Kilkenny)

Black & White Collie type dog, young male, wearing a collar, was found in the Templeorum/Piltown area of Co. Kilkenny

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 20/06/18

Lost Black & Tan long hair chihuahua (Cahir, Castle Street, Tipperary)

Last seen in Cahir on the 5th of June in the afternoon. He was stolen from Laois.

Name: Benji Microchipped: Unsure Added 15/06/18

Lost Black & white sheepdog (Windgap, Tullought area)

Has dark collar with ring on it

Name: Ben Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Lost Retriever-Husky Cross (kept shaved) (Jenkinstown area)

wears red collar with name and number on it

Name: Duke Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Found Young gun dog (possibly small beagle) (Kileen in Kilmanagh)

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Found Black/brown terrier (Dominic Street, Kilkenny)

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Lost Brown and White Miniature Jack Russell (Aut Even Area)

1 year old with black collar

Name: Sophie Microchipped: Yes Added 14/06/18

Found Black Dog (Kilrush/Freshford area)

Big, friendly, black dog

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Found Carrier Pigeon ()

Pigeon found with tags

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Found Small brown & white dog (Friary Street)

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Lost Black and white Huskey (Kilrush/Freshford are)

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 14/06/18

Found Male Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel Cross (Eurospar, Newpark Shopping Centre, Kilkenny)

Male Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel Cross, wearing a red collar, was wandering around Eurospar, Newpark Shopping Centre, Kilkenny, on Wednesday 30th May

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 31/05/18

Reunited Male Brown Jack Russell Terrier (Kennyswell, Kilkenny)

A Jack Russell terrier is missing from the Kennyswell area of Kilkenny since Thursday 10th May. Male, rust colour and micro-chipped. His name is
(The attached photo is NOT Cola but a similar dog)

Cola has been re-united with his family who are very thankful to all who assisted in finding him

Name: Cola Microchipped: Yes Added 14/05/18

Reunited Male Tabby Cat (MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny)

Merlin is a neutered male just under a year old. He's got a distinctive long fluffy coat, with a tabby pattern and looks almost like a Maine Coon cat. His paw pads are black. He's also got a very bushy tail, bright green eyes and blue collar with a bell on it. He went missing from MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny, on Friday night 20th April

Name: Merlin Microchipped: Unsure Added 24/04/18

Lost Male Black Cat with White Chest (Altamount/Shandon Park, Kilkenny)

Kitty 2yr old cat missing 21/04/2018. Escaped his cat box and ran through Altamount/Shandon Park. Black with a white chest. Two patches of fur missing on his back at his tail

Name: Kitty Microchipped: Unsure Added 24/04/18

Lost Male Tabby Cat (Marble Crest, Kilkenny)

Our 3 year old male cat has gone missing from the Marble Crest area in Kilkenny. He has mackerel tabby markings and has a blue name tag with a
red collar. He's new to the area and might have gotten lost.

Name: Monty Microchipped: Unsure Added 11/04/18

Lost Young Male Red Cat (Lukeswell, Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny)

Young male red cat with some white missing since Saturday last 17th March 2018. Answers to the name Harry. Family Pet. Please Text 086 1007715 if you've seen him or know where he is .

Name: Harry Microchipped: Unsure Added 21/03/18

Found Young Labrador (Dunleckney area of Bagnelstown, Carlow)

Young female Labrador.
No collar, seems to be from the local area.

Name: Unknown Microchipped: Unsure Added 24/01/18

Found Small Elderly Terrier Type Dog (Callan, Co.Kilkenny)

Small elderly terrier type dog was found in the Callan area

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 22/01/18

Found Golden Labrador & Springer Spaniel (Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny)

A Golden Labrador & a brown & white Springer Spaniel were found in the Danesfort area of Kilkenny on Thursday 18th January

Name: Microchipped: Unsure Added 22/01/18