Ukraine Service: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send a parcel/letter to Ukraine?

An Post – the Irish state postal services provider – allows free postage of letters and parcels to Ukraine. The weight of the parcel should be less than 20 kg and less than 3×1.5 m in volume. More information can be found by calling the AnPost Customer Service hotline: 353 (1) 705 7600 and at

2. How can I transfer money to Ukraine?

You can send money free to and from Ukraine by Western Union at An Post local post office. Popular money transfer services (online) are Paysend (free through April 2022), TransferGo (the fastest), Wise (with the best mobile app), and Revolut (allows linking your app to a bank account in Ukraine, offers several free services for Ukrainians displaced by war).

3. How do I set up a bank account?

You can do it with one of the main Irish banks (Bank of Ireland or AIB) or with An Post.  You must provide at least one document as proof of identity (for example, your passport) and another document as proof as address. An Post also asks for the temporary permission letter and a PPS number. The proof of address is 1) a signed letter from the host person plus a household bill in their name or 2) a letter on headed paper if you stay in state-provided temporary accommodation. AIB has a simplified procedure, where you first download an app to your smartphone and take the prescribed steps, including specifying your address. When a letter with the code from the bank arrives at your address, you type the code in the app on your phone. This works as a proof of address of your stay in Ireland.

4. I am on social welfare and can only work part time for family reasons. How many hours a week can I work in order to retain my social welfare allowance?

When a person who receives supplementary social welfare allowance starts working part-time, they should visit the local Intreo office and inform the representative about their work. You can work no more than 3 full working days and still be paid the allowance.

5. What is the difference between supplementary social welfare allowance and Job Seeker’s allowance?

The first one is a transitional emergency payment provided to those Ukrainians who have just arrived in Ireland. It is meant that everyone should be assigned the Jobseeker’s allowance – a primary social welfare payment – till they find a job.  While the goal is to transfer everyone to the Jobseeker’s as soon as possible, in reality, it may sometimes take a couple of months under the current circumstances. More information on how Jobseeker’s allowance is calculated can be found at

6. I’ve heard that Intreo stops paying out the supplementary social welfare payment or Jobseeker’s allowance once a person leaves the country for more than 14 days per year.

If you stay abroad for over 14 days in a year, your social welfare allowance may not be paid. You can leave Ireland for not more than 14 days per year and still have your social welfare allowance paid. At the same time, you must inform your local Intreo office that you are planning to leave Ireland. Once you are back, your social welfare will be paid.

7. How can I find work in Kilkenny and Carlow?

You can find out about job vacancies from your local Intreo office. You can also look for work at the websites indeed. com,,,,,, (you just need to type the location), and in FB groups “Work & Help for Ukraine in Ireland”, “Helping Hand for Ukrainians in Ireland”, “Ukrainians in Ireland”, “Irish Supporters of Ukraine”, and “Jobseekers Ireland”. You can also find job ads in local Kilkenny and Carlow groups “Kilkenny Jobs”,  “Kilkenny Ukraine Response”, “It’s All about Carlow”, and “The Carlow People”.

8. How do I get medical insurance from the state?

The Temporary Protection Directive entitles displaced Ukrainians to a medical card. It allows visiting a doctor for free, getting other health services and buying medicines at a reduced price. If a child is over 16, he or she must apply for a medical card. First, you must find a GP who will agree to accept you as their patient. Next, you must download the medical card application form (pdf) for Ukrainians (also available in Ukranian (pdf) and Russian (pdf)), complete it, and then email it to [email protected] or send by post (the address is provided on the form). Then, you will get your medical card sent to you by post. In o

9. What information do I need to complete the application for the medical card?

You will need to provide your name and surname, current address, and date of birth; the PPS number (see here), and the GP’s address, stamp, and signature. If you cannot find a GP yourself, you will be assigned one.

10. Can I get vaccinated against Covid-19 for free in Ireland?

Yes, Covid-19 vaccination is free in Ireland, including a booster dose. You can read more about how to get vaccinated against Covid-19 here. Appointment should be made here: It is important to bring the documents of previous Covid-19 vaccination in order to avoid a booster dose being documented as the first dose of vaccination.

11. In Ireland, children get vaccinated from Covid-19 from age 5. In Ukraine, children are not generally vaccinated against Covid-19. Can I refuse to get a vaccine for my child?

Yes, you can. Covid-19 vaccination (as well as other kinds of vaccination) is recommended in Ireland, but one can choose not to vaccinate their child.

12. I would like to learn English online, what are free resources for studying English online?

You can study English online free of charge if you are a Ukrainian displaced/affected by the war here:

13. I received a yellow Temporary Protection letter, where it says that I can stay in Ireland for one year. But in my passport, they put a stamp which says I can only be in Ireland for 90 days. Will I need to get another stamp in the passport or go to the police to register before the 90 day term expires?

No, you do not need to. No additional stamps or confirmation from the police is needed. The letter provides legal foundation for staying in Ireland for a period of one year from the date of arrival.

14. Do I need to take the “yellow” Temporary Protection letter when I leave Ireland?

 Yes, you must take it with you.

15. We arrived March 7, and we were not given a Temporary Protection letter. Should I wait for it to come to my official address or go somewhere to obtain it?

 If you came to Ireland before 9 March 2022, you should obtain the “yellow” permission letter yourself by visiting the Ukraine Support Centre at Cork Street, Dublin 8 or 23-27 Henry Street, Limerick (opening hours)

16. Can I drive with my valid Ukrainian driving license in Ireland? What services can I get from family resource centers? How can I donate to help Ukrainians affected by war?

You can find the answers to these and other questions in the information tool developed for you by Kilkenny Public Participation Network (PPN) with the help of KCLR’s Ukrainian Information Service. Click on the link below to find out more.