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Ceol Anocht: Interview : Peter Murphy (20/7/2020)

Zoom Call

My last session before lock-down #1 in March was with two members of the collective Cursed Murphy Versus The Resistance, Peter Murphy and Dan Comerford (also a member of another fine Wexford/Kilkenny collective “Frankenstein Bolts”. Little did we know…Back then we chatted about the making of the album and the immediate plans for release.

Fast forward a few months and the album “Cursed Murphy Versus The Resistance” was (thankfully) released to considerable acclaim. It has a fire in it’s belly and powered along for me as a listener. I

t’s one of my favourite albums of the year and the energy off it could power Peter’s home town of Wexford.

I caught up with Peter a few weeks after the release and what started as a catch up and a discussion on the album release unexpectedly and very pleasantly strayed along many musical byroads. For reasons best know to the cosmos it has remained in the archive!

You can purchase the album at their bandcamp link here

(You will thank me, I promise)

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