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Former Climate Change Advisory Council Chair on rewetting Carlow’s bog, the proposed factory for South Kilkenny and environmental reports

He says there are a lot of ways we can all help the environment to flourish

A former Climate Change Advisory Council Chairman’s the latest to come out in support of Glanbia’s proposed South Kilkenny cheese factory.

Development of the facility at Belview’s been held up by ongoing action taken by An Taisce which has outlined concerns with it. (Read their viewpoint here).

But Professor John Fitzgerald who is with the Climate Change Advisory Council and an economist by trade, outlined his stance on KCLR last evening.

Also while on air he called for financial incentives to encourage a different use of bogland that could help the environment.

He believes there should be a move away from using such areas for fossil fuels and instead leave them to suck carbon out of the atmosphere.

Professor Fitzgerald says such areas need to be re-wetted and this could be done successfully in some parts, including Carlow.

And he discussed too the recent ICPP and Met Eireann reports.

Listen back to his conversation in full with our Domhnall Doyle on The Way It Is here: