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KCLR Live: Thursday 16th January 2020 (Part Two)

Part Two: 11am-12pm

Francis Nesbitt presents KCLR Live. A fast moving show with live callers, in-studio guests, your calls, comments and texts. Tune in here and don’t miss out! Some of our topics today include:

Dermot Goode of discusses the cost of health insurance with Francis and different packages people can choose.

Health & Wellbeing Officer of the South East Kate Cassidy talks to Francis about the Quit and Win campaign and gives advice for people who are considering giving up smoking.

Denis Ryan from the Develop Tullow Association discusses the lack of volunteers in the Tullow area. The town might be without a St Patrick’s Day parade for the first time in forty years due to the lack of people volunteering in the area.

And finally, Anne Neary gives a recipe for her seafood chowder soup.

Recipe below and podcast below: