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Kilkenny College community grieve for “loving, kind and friendly” student

He's being described fondly by those who knew him

A funeral will take place on Saturday for a local teenager who died suddenly on Monday.

13-year-old Aidan Slevin from Tullaroan took ill at Kilkenny College where he was a First Form student.

He’s being described fondly there as the school community comes to terms with his death.

Headmaster Simon Thompson has issued the following statement to KCLR News:

“It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of one of our First Form students in Kilkenny College, Aidan Slevin from Tullaroan on Monday.  This is a terrible occurrence for a Kilkenny College family and, by extension, our school and our community.

Aidan was a popular member of his class and year group. Aidan was an enthusiastic member of 1st form, a loving, kind and friendly person who got on easily with everyone. In school Aidan busily got himself involved in all aspect of school life including Music, Rugby and Hockey.

We are all grieving for the death of our student. Our prayers, our sympathy and our thoughts are with Aidan’s family in their grief, his parents Cormac and Breeda, his siblings Eva, Hugo and Rowan.

The College Care team members and all staff, supported by NEPS psychologists have been providing pastoral support to students since Tuesday morning as we grieve and remember a student, a friend and a loved member of this community.”

The arrangements for Aidan’s funeral are available here