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Kilkenny musician hopes his song can help gain more support for the Smithwick’s Experience

He wants to see further names added to the petition

A Kilkenny musician’s using his talents to call for more support for the Smithwick’s Experience.

As a child Jack McHugh listened fondly to stories from his Grandad ‘Big Jack’ McEvoy who worked in the brewery for four decades. Young Jack wanted to follow in his footsteps and was left crushed when the big red gates closed.

But, he was later delighted to get a summer job at the Smithwick’s Experience a position he’d been hopeful of returning to before restrictions hit.

Over 5,000 people have now signed a petition and Jack would like to see more add their names (details here) before Kilkenny publicans present Diageo with it next week – he’s been telling KCLR News’ Edwina Grace why and you can hear that here:



Here’s the song: