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Latest illegal dumping in County Kilkenny sees one councillor call for more naming and shaming of those responsible

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick

More naming and shaming is needed when it comes to illegal dumping.

So says local Fianna Fáil Councillor Pat Fitzpatrick who was alerted to 12 bags of rubbish dropped by a rural roadside in Johnswell last evening.

He spoke to KCLR Live from the scene earlier and said much is being done to combat such issues.

But he says “There’s a huge increase in fines that have been issued by Kilkenny County Council but certainly the name and shame is what we need, we need to see that more in operation and also I think the legislators in Dáil Eireann and in Seanad Eireann they need to come forward with Minister Ryan in the CCTV because there’s a bit of ambiguity around CCTV, look it we do need to be able to follow-up these incidents”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick adds “It’s hard to catch some of these people in rural parts of the county because in some cases they’re actually passing the dump in Dunmore and driving out into the country costing them more to deliver it out into the country that it would to actually deposit it into the dump in Dunmore so it just beggars belief”.

And he says people power is proving positive, noting “The public are very good because they are reporting these incidents, we can track that to a few hours, that happened yesterday evening, we know people that passed the road at one particular time and it wasn’t there and then suddenly it appears you know the public honing it down to particular times and things like that so it’s fierce important that the public engages with the environment section, no complaint will not go uninvestigated”.