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“We’re all very disappointed” says Kilkenny hotelier of Smithwick’s Experience closure

Yesterday we heard how publicans will meet with the drinks company this week

Kilkenny’s hoteliers are the latest grouping to voice concerns over Diageo’s decision to close the Smithwick’s Experience.

Yesterday we revealed how publicans are to meet with the drinks company this Thursday to outline their view on the door-shutting of the city’s second most popular attraction.

A petition set up now has over 2,400 signatures appealing for the facility to be saved. (See that here).

Colin Ahern is General Manager at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel sums up the collective view of those in his sector, telling KCLR News “We’re all very disappointed really in terms of how the decision came about and also particularly in how it was communicated, the hotels, in particular, have invested heavily in terms of creating sales and marketing collateral whether that’s digital, through websites, social media accounts, video and likes, printed material and all of it includes the Smithwick’s Experience and considering that we believe there should have been more consultation around the decision”.

He adds “I think there are a number of different groupings meeting with Diageo over the next coming weeks and we’re there to support, it’s important that we got our voice out and it’s important that everyone tries to engage and to see if we can come up with a solution that suits everyone, ultimately it is a commercial entity and it’s important that it makes money and we’re here to help in any way we can to get to that goal and to ensure that we have more not less visitor attractions in Kilkenny so that we can get more not less tourists here over the coming years”.