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Will we be seeing a cruise liner make its way up the River Nore to Kilkenny City?

Tom Britton of Marble City Travel sets us straight!

Could a cruiseliner be making it’s way up the River Nore?

Riviera Travel has announced a new seven-day cruise from Scotland which will visit a number of Irish areas – including Kilkenny. (See the itinerary here).

Tom Britton of Marble City Travel’s been telling KCLR¬†“It does look like there’s suddenly going to sail into Kilkenny and in amusement, we’re kinda saying ‘oh well the Abbey Quarter’s going to be done and there’s a park and all that’ but anybody who really knows or ponders the reality knows you’ll barely get up the Nore in a canoe never mind in a cruiseliner so what they’re doing is they are pulling into the Port at Belview, which is in county Kilkenny though Waterford keep claiming it as the Port of Waterford but anyway, so it’ll sail into Waterford and then coach up to Kilkenny”.

He adds that it’ll be a great boost for the local economy when tourism opens up, noting¬†“One of the things I did actually like about this, Riviera would be a very extraordinary, reputable company and Kilkenny is properly flagged on this so it’s solidly there I mean there’s a whole note ‘this morning we visit medieval city of Kilkenny and they go on and on and explain about the Black Abbey and all so it’s great from a marketing perspective it’s absolutely fantastic to see Kilkenny up there with Belfast, Cork and all the rest of it, Dublin”.