A 30 bed ward at St Lukes should be open again within days.

It will mean the hospital will return to a full complement of beds after a busy few months.


The Ireland East Hospital Group says there’s been a 3 percent increase in attendances at the Emergency Dept at St Lukes this year.

There’s also been 2 outbreaks of CPE which resulted in the rolling closure of two 30-bed wards to allow for remedial action to happen.

One of those wards has already opened – the second was expected to open this week but a spokesperson said it will now open in the coming days.

Meanwhile the trolley situation has eased somewhat at the local hospital today – although there are still 10 patients waiting on a bed there.

A statement says its hoped that the re-opening of all beds, together with the Service Improvement Initiatives recently implemented at the hospital should improvements continue.


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