800 more places available in Friday’s CAO offers

More than 2,000 extra places in total for students this year after record Leaving Cert results are expected to result in CAO points rising

A further 800 extra places at third level have been confirmed by the government.

It means more than 2,000 extra places in total will be available for students seeking college places this year.

The record Leaving Cert results released this week are expected to result in CAO points rising for many courses.

One local Student has told KCLR that he’s worried he’ll miss out on the course he wants next year because his 2019 Leaving Cert results have been devalued.

There are 20,000 other people applying to the CAO this year as well as the 60,000 2020 Leaving Cert class.

Rian Brennan is one of those and he says he fells betrayed.

Rian did the leaving last year but wanted to change course this year and so reapplied for the CAO.

Rian’s been telling KCLR LIVE that he’s afraid he’ll miss out on doing law in UCD next year because the grades are so much higher for the class of 2020.

The Higher Education Minister says he’s expecting more students to get their first choice course this year than any other year.

Simon Harris has told the Dail more places are being made available to deal with the fact that student’s points have gone up but he is warnign that not every student will be happy when Friday’s offers come out.

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