83 new Covid deaths and 20,909 new cases confirmed

97% of all new cases now estimated to be Omicron

The Department of Health’s been notified of 83 new Covid-19 deaths over the past week.

20,909 new cases have also been been confirmed and NPHET says more than 97% of new cases are the Omicron variant.

The total number of deaths related to Covid-19 now stand at 6,035 since the start of the pandemic.

Today in hospitals there were 1,055 patients, which is a fall for the second day in a row.

St Luke’s Hospital for Carlow Kilkenny had 47 patient being treated for the virus with two further suspected cases

NPHET confirmed that 30 percent of admissions to hospital related to Covid are now incidental, which means the primary reason for the admission isn’t because of the virus.

NPHET says PCR testing is the best way to track the prevalence of variants, but later this week 4-to-39 year-olds won’t need a PCR test after getting a positive antigen test, which means it may be more difficult to track strains.

ICU admissions related to Covid per day have increased recently from six to eight, however more time is needed to study the trend.