Blas Glas

Blas Glas: Studio 2 Session – Eoin Dillon

It’s been a while since we had a guest in Studio 2 so none better than Eoin Dillon to re-open proceedings. His latest album Pondelorum is a fine collection of tunes but that is to understate things. He has called on many great players (too numerous to mention but these are some of the best musicians ever to play in this country) to make this an album that twists and turns, flashes and grins and takes you on a journey across Eoin’s musical life. As you’ll hear he listens widely and allows the tunes to take flight and there is great variety although they are anchored by Eoin’s sweet tone. There is a sense of fun but also care and attention and the production is nuanced enough (courtesy of Graham Watson) to lets the tunes breathe and shine.

There are some rather surreal liner notes too…


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