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Book about the murder of a Kilkenny native is out today

It tells of Patricia O'Connor who's originally from Windgap

A new book about the gruesome murder of Kilkenny woman Patricia O’Connor has revealed how she lived in fear of the man who eventually took her life.

Kieran Greene is serving a life sentence for murdering his girlfriend’s mother at the home they shared at Mountain View Park in Dublin in 2017.

After beating her to death, he buried her in a shallow grave, but later dismembered her and scattered her remains across the Wicklow Mountains.

The Windgap native’s husband Gus, daughter Louise, granddaughter Stephanie, and Stephanie’s father Keith Johnston all tried to cover up what happened.

Our Courts Correspondent Frank Greaney is the author of ‘Crowded House’ which is out today, he explains how Patricia was afraid of Kieran noting “Patricia O’Connor’s friends told me she was a strong, fiery woman who wasn’t afraid of anyone, but they said she was afraid of Kieran Greene. Through his relationship with Louise, he gave her three grandchildren, but she never liked him. She thought there was just something about him”.

Frank adds “When the situation in the house began to deteriorate, she told one of her friends that he was the type of person you wouldn’t mess with – that he was someone “who’d cut you up”. That was something that wasn’t revealed during the trial, and tragically Patricia’s worst fears came true”.

In conclusion Frank says “Greene and the others told the most wicked lies about Patricia. They destroyed her good name. I hope ‘Crowded House’ goes some way to setting the record straight”.