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Businesses in Carlow and Kilkenny invited to talk to key Central Bank personnel this morning

A webinar will take place from 11am

Local businesses are being invited to talk to the Central Bank later this morning.

Its Governor Gabriel Makhlouf and Director of Consumer protection GrĂ¡inne McEvoy will join Carlow and Laois chambers in a webinar at 11 o’clock.

CEO of the Carlow group Brian O’Farrell’s told KCLR News “The aim of the webinar is for SMEs, any of the businesses in or around Carlow and Kilkenny area, so that we can connect with the Central Bank and talk to them about the challenges, about the measures and see what we can work on directly and give them feedback as well on what’s working and what’s not working”.

He adds “One of the things that for a lot of the time we forget that the Central Bank is there and the role that they have to play in this as well so it’s about trying to connect with them and share ideas and see what way we can help to make sure the packages we need and the supports we need and that the banks are doing the right thing to help us as well”.

Registration for the webinar’s required – you can sign up here

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