Leading Cardiologist warns of ‘malign thinkers’ putting people at risk from Covid-19

St Luke's Consultant Michael Conway says we need to be careful where we're getting our Covid-19 and vaccine information.

A leading Cardiologist is warning that ‘malign thinkers’ are putting ordinary people in Carlow and Kilkenny at risk from Covid-19 by spreading misinformation.

St Luke’s Consultant Michael Conway says we still can’t let our guard down and we all need to be careful where we’re getting our information with regard to Covid-19 and the vaccinations.

Mr Conway has told The Way It Is: ”Rather malign thinkers who are anti-this, and anti-that, and anti-everything, have put out the idea that all the vaccinations, and all the mask-wearing, all the sanitation efforts, and all the social distancing is not for them … and therefore is not for you. And unfortunately a lot of innocent people have also followed that logic and they are now very much at risk.”


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