Carlow Dad describes prison experience as 'empowering'

Carlow Dad describes prison experience as ’empowering’

Eddie O'NeillA Carlow Dad says they have had huge support throughout an ordeal which saw him and his partner jailed for home-schooling their children.

Eddie O’ Neill was brought to the Midlands prison in recent weeks where he spent only about an hour.

His partner Monica O’ Connor was taken to Mountjoy last month and was also released the same day.

They had been found guilty of failing to register 2 of their children for homeschooling and were issued with a fine that they refused to pay.

Eddie says waiting to go to prison was the worst part but being there wasnt too bad – in fact he described his experience as ’empowering’

He told Sue Nunn earlier that they have had tremendous support from people,and not just locals.