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Carlow locals gather in support of Palestine

A march has been held in the town centre today, after 250 people have been killed in recent conflict in Gaza

Locals have come out in force in Carlow today (Saturday) in support of Palestine.

It’s as a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants appears to be holding, with no reports of rocket fire after 11 days of violence in Gaza.

However, there are calls for longer-term peace talks after 250 people were killed in the conflict.

Young woman Jamalida Rafique is among the crowd who gathered in Carlow town centre, nearby the Potato Market.

She says it’s very important to her to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“We’re here today to protest against the injustice happening in Palestine” she shared with KCLR News. “As a young person seeing what’s happening, and also being from Rohingya, I know how it feels first-hand to be fighting while your country’s taken away from you. So we’re here today protesting so that Palestine will be free.”