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Cartoon Saloon to home-premiere Wolfwalkers at Kilkenny Animated

Many local people are among the star-studded cast

Local audiences will get their first chance to see the exciting new Cartoon Saloon film next month during the Kilkenny Animated festival.

Wolfwalkers had it’s world premiere to huge critical acclaim over the weekend as part of the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival.

The annual festival of local & global animation is hosted every year by the four-time Oscar-nominated local studio.

This year it’s on from from October 2nd to 4th as Co-director Tom Moore outlines “Our home town premiere’s going to be a screening & it’ll be in stages, only 50 people at a time can go in, but we’re going to be screening it non-stop for a couple of days over the festival so hopefully people will get a chance to see it then ahead of the release on the 13 of October but it’ll be in the cinemas from 30 October right through the month of November so I’m hoping that everyone will get a chance to get out and get off their couch & go see it in the cinema and in a cinema experience”.

Co-Director Ross Stewart says “The only kindof feedback that we could see was from like a live feed on Twitter, people sharing their opinions on it but thankfully everyone has, well nearly everyone, has very positive reviews but yeah it is a shame to not have a premiere in a big building where you can guage the audiences response in live time they laugh at the jokes or cry at the sad parts”.

Ross adds that the star-studded cast also includes loads of Kilkenny locals noting “For the actual cast itself because we had a few stars like Sean Bean in there we wanted to get in, for the Kilkenny people, we wanted to get real people who lived in Kilkenny with the proper accent and that so all of the crowds and all of the kids, all of the the tertiary or secondary characters, they’re all Kilkenny people or people that have a good Kilkenny accent so it’s authentic that way”.


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