Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Studio 2 Session : Feibhár – 6/4/2018

I’ve known Kilkenny songwriter Feibhar for a good few years now, from her earliest public appearances at Ossory Youth Club and at various gigs since. It was great to have her visit us in Studio 2.

I have found that she gets more and more powerful as a performer and songwriter on each occasion and her new (debut) single “Forfeit” was simply meant to be. On this song, she has put down her trademark (and tasteful) guitar and delved in to the world of synths; it’s nothing short of a revelation. Her lyrics have always been truthful and incisive but the new layers of musicality add another layer of depth, as you’ll hear.

I look forward to hearing the next single and will continue to be impatient to hear the album.