Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Studio 2 Session : Gráinne Cotter – 23/4/2018

I love the company of musicians and especially those that don’t attempt to fit themselves too heavily in any one genre or style. Their wandering spirit, the taking of a chance and an opportunity enriches their work. Such is the case with Gráinne Cotter who joined me in Studio 2 recently. If I had to call it, a folk-jazz mix is my best attempt, hints of Joni Mitchell in there too.

As well as possessing a fine songwriting talent, fine musicality and an equally fine voice, Gráinne has let the muse take her and in doing so has added richness and depth to her songs. A spell in Berklee College of Music has also added to her ‘chops’ and her latest single “Shadows” is a fine calling card to this unfamiliar with her work. 

We drank tea, discussed white wine vinegar, David Bowie spacesuits, songwriting and how inspiration gets channelled to produce great songs. After all that, she and her music partner Michael Coleman went straight in to Studio One to play for Ken McGuire. As I listened on my way out I realised that I had forgotten to the take the ubiquitous photos under the sign. I also realised that her mentor and friend in Cork was an old and very dear friend of mine. Fair play to Tucker Mulcahy!

She’s due a visit to Carlow or Kilkenny soon. She’ll be most welcome.