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Companies in Carlow, Kilkenny and across the country will need to prioritise work-life balance under EU Directive which comes into play this month

A local La Leche League member's told KCLR it's a massive boost that businesses are getting behind the initiative

A new EU Directive coming into place this month is being welcomed as World Breastfeeding Week is being marked.

Companies will now need to prioritise work and family life balance under the new bill.

Monica O’Connor of La Leche League in Carlow told KCLR News this is a massive boost that companies are to get behind the family life balance; “The more that parents are given I suppose just a little bit of leeway, that’s all it needs in the workplace a little bit of leeway for when you need a breastfeeding break if you’re a mum of a young child or that your child is sick or whatever if you look at work-life balance, like the experience and the research would say that productivity goes up when employees feel that they don’t have to pretend they’re not parents when they’re in the workplace”.