Carlow career guidance expert says accept your CAO offer

CAO first round offers are out tomorrow for 2,000 Leaving Certs students across Carlow and Kilkenny.

Accepting the college course you’re offered is the best option, according to a local career guidance expert.

The CAO first round offers are issued tomorrow.

Last year two-thirds of the Leaving Cert students got one of their top three choices when the offers came out.

The government has committed to about 4,500 extra spaces for high-demand courses for this year.

But with grades at a record high, it’s unlikely the more than 2,000 students across Carlow and Kilkenny will all get exactly what they want.

Eoin Houlihan is Career Guidance Expert with The Carlow Academy –  he’s told KCLR you can always change your mind if you get a better offer in the following rounds.

”Don’t say that’s only my third choice – I don’t want that. Because what’ll happen is you might not get another chance. So I you take your first offer then anything above that remains in play and that does happen from time to time …. maybe in round 3 their first choice or second choice might come up.”