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Development in Bagenalstown “gone static” while Carlow Town thrives says Councillor Arthur McDonald

The Bagenalstown representitive raised the complaint at this week's meeting of the County Council

Areas like Bagenalstown have “gone static” while Carlow Town thrives.

That’s according to Cllr Arthur Mc Donald, who raised the complaint at this week’s meeting of the County Council.

The meeting heard plans for the new Hanover Park, which has been signed off on for Carlow Town just after a skate park has also been opened there.

And Cllr Mc Donald says Carlow’s smaller districts now need equal attention from the council.

“We are falling behind, we find that we need much more of a foot in and investment from the county executive in Carlow” said Councillor McDonald.

“We wouldn’t be in the position as good as we are only for the director of services in Carlow county council and I would say county councillors in my area who pushed all the developments that are in it but it has gone static in the last few years” he added.

The Fianna Fáil councillor also claims the rest of the county is being “left behind” in favour of Carlow town.

And he says it’s a common complaint amongst many of the councillors.

“At that meeting, I believe 90% of the time was attributed to the one area of Carlow town. Maybe that’s because there are some very good councillors there, but maybe not. It may be because officials are giving more time to the county town than they should be giving. I think other councillors in Tullow/ Muine Bheag area also alluded to that, they felt we were being left behind.”