Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Part 5 – The End Of Mining

‘Three Miles Over and Three Miles Down’ tells the rich history and heritage of the Castlecomer Mines in County Kilkenny, Ireland. In this series we will hear the history of mines and mining in the Castlecomer area of Kilkenny from prehistory to 1969, when the mines closed, ending centuries of iron and coal mining in the area and the surrounding Leinster coalfield.

In this programme we’ll hear about the final closure of the mine. As you’ll hear, there was an inevitability about it and despite the best efforts of the mine owner and the workers, the mine closed on January 31st, 1969. With that the mining tradition in Castlecomer Came to an end after over 300 years. But it was not all negative and the community spirit of Castlecomer overcame this setback and continues to thrive to this day.

Contributors include:  Nellie Holden, Anne Boran, Geoffrey Prior-Wandesforde, Errol Delaney, Séamus Walsh, Anna May Treacy, Larry Power, John Coffey, Maurice Shortall, Séamus O’Connor, Willie Joe Meally, Margaret McGrath, Mai Dormer, Jonathan Mason, Kathy Purcell, Peter Kealy