Messin’ With The Kid Rory Gallagher
Buildings Swords
YKK We Cut Corners
Bridge From Heart To Heart Horslips
Nighttown Boy Horslips
Red River Rock Horslips
U.S. Paper Planes
Missing Person ESB Ft. Perry Blake
Carousel Fight Like Apes
Snow Smoke Serenade 79 Cortinaz
Peacemaker Mono Town
Calling Card Rory Gallagher
Barefoot And Free Jerry Fish Ft. RSAG
Early To Bed Jerry Fish
Cavalier James Vincent McMorrow
Let Me Bend Your Ear Awhile Thom Brookes
Isn’t It A Pity George Harrison
River Joni Mitchell
Coming Home Storyman
Comrade Volcano Choir
Mood Richard Buckner
The Unfolding Chequerboard