Studio 2 Session: Casey Black
The Eclectic Light Programme

Studio 2 Session: Casey Black

Casey Black has been a special guest for Mick Flannery on his tours in recent years and has endeared himself each time to a new collection of fans; his flame is glowing brighter with each visit.

His is music that has a dark undertow but has redemptive qualities also; he states in the interview clearly that music was a key to getting him out of some dark periods in his life. It is certainly crafted and layered both from accompaniment and lyrics.

His latest album ‘Lay You In The Loam’ is something of a coming of age story. Casey describes his own journey:

‘I was born and raised in Nashville, then born and raised in Los Angeles, then killed and reborn in New York City, before being reincarnated in Nashville.’

He created similar themes in this body of songs…

’Like loam, there is grit, decay and darkness, but also fertility, and the struggle to grow up, or push deeper.’

You can get further information on Casy And his music here.

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