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Huge demand for hairdressers in Kilkenny and Carlow as they reopen today

Denise Walsh of Rustiq Hair Salons says they have 2,500 people on a waiting list

Local hairdressers are already seeing huge demand as they reopen today.

That’s according to Denise Walsh of Rustiq Hair, which has a salon in Kilkenny and Carlow.

The salons are one of thousands to welcome back customers today under phase three of the easing of restrictions.

Denise told KCLR news there are a few thousand people on their waiting lists already:

“We have 2,500 people on a waiting list, looking for appointments, but that doesn’t include the people that are already booked in”.

She said “We had to look after people that had appointments booked in during lockdown, to look after them first, we had ten people working altogether on phones and laptops making appointments on Monday morning for three days in a row, we’ve only barely tipped the iceberg if you like, when it comes to those appointments, and I suppose people are frustrated wondering why we haven’t called them, we are fully booked for the next couple of weeks”.