Inquiry into South East foster home can now proceed

The path is now clear for the ‘Grace’ inquiry to formally begin its work.

The Dáil and the Seanad passed revised terms of reference for the investigation into the south east foster home yesterday.

It will see the case of ‘Grace’ investigated along with 46 others and will include current and former residents of St Patricks centre in Kilkenny who availed of respite care at the foster home up until the early 1990’s.

Meanwhile the family of another girl, known as ‘Sarah’,who was among that 46, has spoken out about her time at the foster home.

Speaking on RTE’s Prime Time Investigates programme last night Sarah’s sister revealed how her mother had brought her concerns for Sarah to the health board at the time but was treated very badly.

The family made the decision themselves to remove ‘Sarah’ from the home and out of the jurisdiction.