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Irish community coming together in the UK amidst Covid pandemic

Carlow man John Nolan says they are looking out for each other

A Carlow man living in London says the Irish Community are looking out for each other during the crisis.

John Nolan says people are very concerned after the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken into intensive care yesterday.

They are now 12 days into a lockdown situation in the UK.

And John told KCLR Live that Irish emigrants there are keeping a check on one another;

“There are a lot of the agencies that look after every type of ‘Irish-ism’ over here- from culture, to sport, to recreation, to welfare. And it’s welfare that a lot of people are very concerned about now” He explained. “There’s a lot of ring-around phone ins going on now. You’re not allowed knock on people’s doors, but a lot of people have emergency phonelines being given to them. So they can use that to link up both ways and make sure everybody is okay there.”