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Joe Biden undertakes first official acts as US President

He was sworn in last evening

Joe Biden’s already undertaken his first official acts as US president, just hours after being sworn in.

He’s signed executive orders on a range of issues from the Covid19 pandemic to immigration, taking apart policies put in place by Donald Trump.

He’s also re-joined the Paris climate accord – which aims to decrease global warming – after his predecessor pulled out of it in 2017.

Speaking from the Oval Office last night, the US President outlined the body of work which lies ahead for him.

Kamala Harris also started work last night by swearing-in three new Democratic Senators.

She’s the first woman to ever hold the office of US Vice President.

Speaking last night, she called on the American people to unite.

Paris Agreement negotiator, Remy Rioux, is delighted with the US President’s decision to re-join the Accord while Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says truth and transparency is important for America over the next four years.

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