Keeping your home heating efficient during the winter months

As winter has arrived and we are beginning to use our home heating systems more regularly, it is important to know how to heat your home efficiently during the colder, winter months. With the cost-of-living crisis still impacting us all, ensuring home heating systems are providing the best low-cost heating solution is a priority for local homeowners.

Leading heating technology manufacturer Grant has been providing innovative heating solutions to Irish homes for over 45 years. The company has always prided itself on supplying reliable, affordable, forward-thinking home heating technologies which enable customers to achieve optimum efficiencies, save money and lower their carbon footprints. The team at Grant understands the importance of choosing the right heating system for each individual home to suit the requirements of the individual homeowner.

Replace your inefficient boiler

To help improve efficiency and help save you money, homeowners with an old oil boiler can upgrade to a Grant Vortex condensing boiler. Depending on the age and make of your current boiler, upgrading to a Grant Vortex could help you save over 25%* a year on home heating bills.

If you have a boiler that is more than 10 years old, then you should consider replacing it with a more efficient condensing boiler such as a biofuel compatible Grant Vortex. The Grant Vortex condensing boiler range comprises of the most efficient and reliable boilers on the market and is designed to help improve your home’s energy efficiency by using condensing technology. Condensing technology works by converting water vapor condensation into heat; condensing oil boilers can recover some of the lost heat from waste gases.

In addition, Grant Vortex boilers are HVO biofuel compatible. Biofuel is made from organic matter and waste materials and can eliminate over 80% of net carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels. Older Grant condensing boilers can also be adapted to be biofuel compatible; these modifications can be carried out by a service engineer.

The HVO Biofuel Compatible Grant Vortex Module
The HVO Biofuel Compatible Grant Vortex Module

Why not install Smart Heating Controls in your home?

Installing smart heating controls into your home heating system can help you control the amount of energy your home is using during the winter months. If you do not have heating controls, you may find you are incurring unnecessary energy wastage and you have higher heating bills. This is due to the lack of control you have over the amount of heat you are using to heat your home and your hot water.

Having the ability to control a heating system from any location is vital in maximising a property’s energy efficiency. To ensure an environmentally friendly performance, the Grant neo system and app include built-in geolocation technology. This technology ensures that users never waste energy in heating an empty house, by automatically reducing the temperature when a property is empty and increasing the temperature when the homeowners return.

Insulate your home

Having sufficient insulation in your home will prevent as much heat from escaping as possible. Insulation comes in many forms, and it is important that all are covered – attic, walls, windows and doors. Having the correct insulation means your home not only heats up faster but it will also keep the heat contained for a longer period, meaning your thermostat temperature can be reduced. Without appropriate insulation your warmth will very easily escape through walls and through your roof space. For more information on Grant’s innovative heating technologies, visit grant.eu

*Depending on age and make of the boiler

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