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Kilkenny Carlow GRA representative says rank & file members have many questions re force restructuring plans

Rank & file members of the Gardaí locally still have a lot of questions.

So says the Kilkenny/Carlow Garda Representative Association spokesperson after we learned this week that the headquarters for the new Garda division of Waterford/Kilkenny/Carlow will be in Waterford while Kilkenny will be the regional headquarters.

Ger Comerford says members still have not been told why this is even happening.

And he says they are struggling to see the benefits it will bring noting “From the member on the ground this belief that it’s going to release an exorbitant amount of members back out onto the front line, that’s a myth as far as we’re concerned because what we need is we need equipment, we need people there, but the staff aren’t going to be released from this merger to assist the people on the front line”.