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Kilkenny City councillor calls for a new carpark along the Hebron Road

The possibility of creating a carpark on Kilkenny’s Hebron Road will be broached with the county council today.

Cllr Andrew McGuinness will table a motion calling for the local authority to look at using land they own close to McDonalds or an alternative site to provide spaces for match day traffic.

The council executive says that previous surveys on this matter have shown that there is sufficient parking in the city but some people simply choose not to use these spaces.

But Cllr McGuinness is calling for a committee to be set up involving the local GAA, representatives from O’Loughlin’s, the garda siochana, Kilkenny County Council and local residents”.

He told KCLR News “We need to have an immediate solution to this problem because the area around Nowlan Park in particular has grown so much over the last decade or more and the problem has grown with it and what we need now is a solution because it’s gotten way out of hand & needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency”.

With regards to parking he noted “There’s 2,000 spaces in MacDonagh Junction, there’s spaces in Kilkenny County Council offices and on match days they’re not availed of but what we need along with this is a zero tolerance approach from the gardaĆ­ in terms of parking, in terms of putting tickets on cars so that people can no longer get away with parking right outside the door of Nowlan Park, it’s simply unfair on the local community & needs to be resolved”.