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Kilkenny City’s Kitty’s Cabin sells first Lotto Plus 2 winner of 2022

The local crew's wishing the person who bought it all the best

While a €19million lottery win is still sinking in for somebody in Mayo and surrounds, one local player is €250,000 better off.

The quarter of a million ticket was sold at Kitty’s Cabin on Rose Inn Street in what was the first Lotto Plus 2 win of 2022.

National Lottery has confirmed the sale and its representative Fran Whearty, who’s originally from Kilkenny, is set to visit the city outlet later today.

He’s been telling KCLR News this morning “Mayo has definitely grabbed all of the headlines but sneaking in there there was a lucky Kilkenny player who was the second-biggest winner of the night, they won the Lotto Plus 2 top prize of €250,000 so the ticket, it was sold in Kitty’s Cabin, just on Rose Inn Street in Kilkenny City”.

He adds “The player played a quick-pick ticket last Friday so if you bought a ticket in town on Friday check your tickets and if you’re the lucky winner get in touch with us, we’d like to pay you a quarter of a million euro”.

He has this message for the local lucky ticket holder; “The Kilkenny winner it’s really simple, check your tickets first of all but if you are the winner sign it, the second you sign your name to the ticket you become an owner so nobody else can claim your prize so sign the ticket, call us straight away and we will get your prize payed very soon”.

Fran’s on the way to his native city and says “I will be down with a little bit of champagne with a photographer as well, this is the best part of the job celebrating winners so looking forward to getting back to Kilkenny”.

The crew at Kitty’s had this message last night:

Image: Kitty’s Cabin on Facebook

Meanwhile, PJ Hickson’s Centra at Potato Market in Carlow Town sold one of the match five plus bonus tickets on Saturday night, yielding almost €37,000 for one punter.