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Kilkenny councillors keen to point out that the South East Greenway incorporates the Kilkenny Greenway

The stretch runs between New Ross in Co Wexford and Ferrybank on the Kilkenny Waterford border

A rose by any other name is still a rose.

So says Cllr Tomás Breathnach after criticisms were made by Piltown MD representatives of a national newspaper article which appeared to suggest that the South East Greenway was Wexford’s.

While the county council there is the lead authority on the project which runs between New Ross and Ferrybank, most of the 24km trail is in South Kilkenny.

It’s officially known as the South East Greenway, incorporating the Kilkenny Greenway.

Cllr Breathnach said that identity was important to people and Cllr Pat Dunphy, who’d raised the issue, told KCLR News that the local segment has its own title; “The Kilkenny section of the South East Greenway is the Kilkenny Greenway, that is clear and the Kilkenny Greenway is part of the South East Greenway which incorporates Waterford greenway and any other greenways that may come on board in the south east but our section of it is the Kilkenny Greenway, there was an article on social media saying something that it was the Wexford greenway”.

He adds “But it is the Kilkenny greenway, it’s not the Wexford one, it’s not the Waterford one as far as from Ferrybank to New Ross is concerned, it’s the Kilkenny greenway and we’d just like to start clarifying that and making it clear to people that articles like that are just casuing confusion and I’ve got calls already about it to be honest”.

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