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Kilkenny Councillors told to review new County Development Plan

A move to make building windfarms difficult in certain areas has been deemed to be against Government policy

Kilkenny councillors have been told they will have to review the new County Development Plan.

Following a recommendation by the Planning Regulator, it was deemed by Minister Peter Burke that the plan goes against Government policy.

It’s all down to a decision by the elected members to make it harder to build windfarms in certain parts of the county.

Cllr Patrick O’Neill says he’s not happy that the decision made by him and his fellow members is been overturned like this:

“We felt the decision we made on wind energy was sufficient for Kilkenny for the next 6/7 years but again we’re told we don’t know our area best. It’s down to someone else by the looks of it”

Hear his conversation with our Sue Nunn on The Way It Is here:

While, on the same programme Senior planner with Kilkenny county council Denis Malone said everyone can have their say on this now before the next recommendation to the planning regulator:

“The process involves putting that draft direction out on public display which we have done since the 29th of October. And that goes on for a period of 2 weeks until the 12th of November”.

You can view the direction and make submissions here