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Kilkenny family syndicate collects €12.7m Lotto Jackpot winnings

It's a large family too

A Kilkenny family syndicate has finally picked up its €12.7 million euro lotto winnings.

The ticket had been sold by Circle K on the Waterford Road close to the city centre in April and the holder was quick to touched base with officials.

But they waited until yesterday to collect the cheque.

Fran Whearty’s from Kilkenny and works with the National Lottery and he told KCLR says while the crew is remaining anonymous, he can share some details “It is quite a large family so while it is a huge sum of money it’s going to be split out in a lot of different ways, there’s no one person in the syndicate going to be mega-rich, but it’s a nice way to have it, to share it with your family like that is really special”.

He adds “It’s a mixed syndicate so there’s a vary of ages and all that sort of stuff some people will be paying off mortgages and other people will be buying houses out of it and upgrading cars so it’s really nice from that point of view”.

They actually waited two months before they claimed their prize, I think they were really sensible, it’s what we like to hear, it a right thing to do, take some time out, get all the legal and financial advice that you possibly can and just prepare yourself for that moment that you get the cheque for over €12m into your hands and I think they did it the right way just by taking that little bit of time out”.