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Kilkenny farmer appeals for CCTV footage in bid to track down missing calves

A van had been seen in the area that morning but it's not yet known if its occupants were involved

An appeal for any CCTV footage is being made now in a bid to track down calves that are believed to have been stolen from farmland in Kilkenny last week.

The animals were fed on Thursday morning but 36 of them,19 Freisian and 17 Angus calves were gone on Friday. (More on that here).

Suspicions were raised about a van seen in the Cloran Lane area that morning and GardaĆ­ are investigating if there is any link.

The farmer David Millea had a plea on KCLR Live with Brian Redmond this morning, saying “A local farmer rang me to say that he spotted a van on the lane that Friday morning at approximately 7:20am; now in fairness to him he took a photo of it because it was suspicious looking, we sent that to the GardaĆ­, they’re looking into it, if we could get CCTV footage from the locality and surrounding area, I’d ask if anybody did have any of that, now there’s no doubt that the van didn’t transport the animals, it was a truck, the van might have been part of the group”.