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Man arrested in connection with the mugging of a woman in Carlow

It happened Sunday afternoon on a stretch known locally as Carpenter's Way

A frightening incident is how gardai are summing up a mugging in Carlow Town yesterday afternoon.

It happened close to 3 o’clock at Carpenter’s Way between Eire Og & The Fairgreen.

A lady walking along that stretch was approached by a male with a baseball bat – he threatened her & took her handbag.

He then ran in the direction of the Old Burrin Road where he got into a waiting car.

Sgt Peter McConnon says an investigation continues but notes “A pretty frightening incident to happen in broad daylight, thankfully the injured party suffered no physical harm or physical injuries but again very, very frightening and something gardai obviously are investigating fully at the moment”.

One man in his late thirties was later arrested in Co Wexford & is in custody in Carlow Garda Station and Sgt McConnon adds “This was a complete random attack from people who are not local to Carlow but without that co-operation and the vigilance and the willingness of people to help the victim in this case and help the gardai investigate it, that arrest probably would not have been made at this stage so again we still are appealing for anybody else who may have witnessed something because there’s a lot of work still to be done in relation to this matter, so anybody else who might have any small bit of information that they might think may be relevant to the investigation please contact the gardai in Carlow who are obviously looking for as much information as they can to piuece all of this together”.