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Overnight icy temperatures see some driving tests cancelled today

A decision was made last night and attempts are being made to contact those affected

Driving tests have been cancelled this morning in parts of the country due to icy temperatures overnight.

It’s as Met Eireann has a status yellow weather warning in place until lunchtime today with a dense fog & risk of freezing fog in places.

The Road Safety Authority made the decision last night, and has been contacting those affected.

It says it will rebook any cancelled tests for free and is offering the option to people who believe the conditions are not safe.

Early-morning tests are most likely to be affected according to spokesperson Brian Farrell who says “As the day goes on the conditions clear so it might be a case that it’s just the first test slots in the morning that could be lost, we’re contacting customers at the moment who may be affected, we may not be able to contact all customers, but we’re telling customers if they don’t feel safe travelling in themselves that’s okay just get in touch with us, let us know and we’ll reschedule their test free of charge”.