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People In Profile (Repeat) – Maureen Sullivan (17/2/2013)

Carlow born Maureen Sullivan was just 11 years of age when she was put in to a Magdalen Laundry. She was in that world for just 5 years but it had a major affect on her young life.  She recounts her experiences and the aftermath with courage and conviction.

Thankfully she has come through this with the help of counselling and being able  – simply – to tell her story.

(This programme was originally broadcast in 2011 and since then the McAleese Report has been published and the Taoiseach has issued an apology to the women on behalf of the Irish state. We can just hope that Maureen and her fellow survivors receive proper follow up and recompense).

If you want to make contact with Maureen, contact the station on lo-call 1890 90 96 96 in the Carlow/Kilkenny area, 056-7796296 elsewhere or visit this website

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