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People power wins as Kilkenny Councillors confirm SPC ban is to be reversed.


There was outrage on the airwaves and online in the past week after the majority of elected members voted in favour of the proposal while just 5 opposed it.

Now following talks it seems that Councillors are prepared to reverse the ban at the next meeting of the county council.

Councillor Mary Hilda Cavanagh, who was among those to support it in the first place said this morning that having listened to the debate over the past 8 days, she is prepare to reverse her decision saying “I think it is a good person that can hold up their hands and say perhaps I was wrong”

Councillor Pat Fitzpatrick admits they “made a mistake” and said “It’s a lesson well learned for everyone”

Councillor John Brennan who also voted in favour of the ban says he has no issue with the media attending meetings at all.